A community sponsored aircraft cost comparison tool set. Compare operating costs, specifications, performance numbers, and side-by-side analytics to help you decide which aircraft is right for your business, your clients, or just a point of reference. Each aircraft submitted by the community is checked for accuracy, validated, and stored in the cloud as a template for the community at large. Wrapped in a modern interface the user experience is rich, simple to use and easily navigated. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase a subscription for commercially driven tool when you can control the content and accuracy of your data by a company that has been designing software and supporting the aviation community for nearly 25 years.


Mixed fleet maintenance management is core to our follow on product, BDM. Designed to simplify maintenance tracking, directive compliance and inventory, this product is designed for the aviation maintenance community. It is simple to operate, stores your data in the cloud, shareable, and provides a wealth of information and automation designed to make maintenance orderly, complete, and secure. This platform runs in the Microsoft Windows environment; we have another product being designed for the web. New aircraft models can be brought on quickly and easily using the manufacturers recommended maintenance program. Automatic updates for our software as well as program updates when released by the manufacturer are always available.