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The initial product, Bed-Down Manager (BDM), was created to manage Beechcraft King Air's (C-12/U-21), and later Learjet's (35A) for all four United States military services: Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines. The software first entered service in 1992 as a simple Time Limit Maintenance Check (TLMC) manager that helped track and forecast scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and standardized all TLMC items across a fleet that spanned hundreds of aircraft. Inventory management was later added to automate repetitive tasks needed to track and manage parts flowing into and out of field site across the globe. The final step was to enable bidirectional communication from site to home office; a very simple task today, but quite difficult in the mid 1990's with a geographically dispersed fleet using modems daisy-chained for communication routing. Amazingly, the core product is still rumored to be in limited remote service today performing the mission it was originally designed to do.


Legacy BDM